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1. Are you ready to embark on a woodworking adventure that’s sure to be a hoot? If you’ve snagged yourself one of our sleek Adjustable Mortise Jig™ kits with that fancy-schmancy black case, whip it open with the flair of a magician revealing a rabbit.

2. Lovingly gaze upon your Adjustable Mortise Jig™ (isn’t it a beauty?)

3. Ponder deeply the existential question: How big do I want my mortise? Let your tenon fastener be your guide.

4. Cozy up that Bottom Indexing Member to the corner and edge of your would-be masterpiece like it’s long-lost pals.

5. Summon the Top Mounting Member to join forces with its bottom counterpart using the mystical numbered slots—think of them as lucky lotto numbers for wood joinery.

6. Fasten the Top Mounting Member with a pair of #6 screws, ensuring they’re as flush as a green felt poker table so your router can glide like an Olympic figure skater.

7. It’s time for router bling! Outfit your plunge router with a pattern template bit that corresponds to your chosen mortise and tenon size like selecting the perfect glass of bourbon for that tasty medium rare steak.

8. Test the cutting depths on a wood scrap—a rehearsal dinner before the main event.

9. Don your armor of safety gear—no look is complete without it.

10. Now stride forth, protected and prep-tested, ready to make your first shallow mortise debut with the Adjustable Mortise Jig™.

11. Plant your plunge router atop the jig with the same care as place your coffee on your desk.

12. Power up the router and serenade the wood, guiding the bit to dance along the jig’s edges with a slow and steady rhythm.

13. Revel in the oddly satisfying act of material removal—it’s like wood therapy.

14. Once your wood canvas is cleared, power down your router for a well-deserved rest.

15. Unshackle the Top Mounting Member to free your newly carved treasure.

16. Tidy up the mortise nook with a gentle sandpaper caress.

17. Marvel at your craftsmanship, memorialize it with a photo, and launch it into Insta-fame by tagging @philipmillerfurniture.

18. Change gears and jazz up your drill with the self-centering bit—it’s like putting your power tool in party mode.

19. Position the Indexing Member on the corner of the leg as though you’re tucking in a tiny, wooden child.

20. Clamp down the Indexing Member with the strength of your mighty hand.

21. Present the tenon fastener to the jig like a suitor meeting the parents.

22. If you hold the golden ticket of an Adaptable Tenon Fastener, buckle up for steps 22-29. For Standard Tenon Fastener groupies, slide on over to step 30.

23. Revel in the high-precision world of the Adaptable Tenon Fastener, where two tiny holes await your attention to micro-adjust the dance between leg and table.

24. Pilot your self-centering bit to pre-drill the two counterbore holes.

25. Introduce a duo of pan head screws that are just snug enough to allow wiggle room but not enough for a full-on jiggle.

26. Engage the Adaptable Tenon Fastener-Leg union into the waiting embrace of your mortise.

27. Adjust and finagle until everything’s hunky-dory flush with your workpiece’s edges.

28. Say adieu to your assembly, remove it, and tighten those screws with the gusto of a pirate securing their treasure.

29. After ensuring everything is snug as a bug, pre-drill the remainders with your trusty self-centering bit.

30. Now for the ultimate encore—skip to step 38.

For the Standard Tenon Fastener groupies:

31. Pre-drill that singular, lonely hole in the fastener like a solitary cowboy piercing the silence with a gunshot.

32. Marry the tenon to the leg with the right-sized screw, considering #8 for the smaller fasteners and #12 for the big guy 6×6.

33. Secure your united tenon-leg to the mortise like a lock and key.

34. Eyeball the placement like an art critic at a gallery—everything must be perfect.

35. If you feel the assemblage isn’t up to snuff, do-overs are allowed because this isn’t a video game and we’re not keeping score.

36. Once everything’s peachy, give that screw a final, triumphant twist.

37. Pre-drill the chorus line of holes and let those screws tap their way home.

38. Join the tenon to the leg with the right-sized screw, considering #8 as the silver bullet for the smaller fasteners and #12 for the burly 6×6.

39. Ready your camera for a Spielberg-esque shot of tenon-meets-mortise action.

40. With that footage in the can, make Instagram or YouTube your stage and share your magnum opus, tagging @philipmillerfurniture or @howyoucanmakeit, respectively. Take a bow, you’ve earned it!

41. Celebrate and tell your friends your a master furniture maker.

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