Build a Sofa Table With The Adjustable Mortise Jig and Tenon Fastener System™

Build a Sofa Table With The Adjustable Mortise Jig and Tenon Fastener System™

Sofa or end tables are essential additions to any home, offering both practicality and style. They provide a convenient surface for items like drinks and books, while also serving as platforms for decor pieces. With various styles available, they can complement any decor scheme and help organize the seating area. Ultimately, these versatile furnishings add functionality and charm to the living space, making them indispensable assets for a well-appointed home.

The approximate cost for building the table as designed is ~$375 (this will of course vary for everyone)

  • Wood only - $100
  • Adjustable Mortise & Tenon Fastener Jig Starter Kit with 1/8" 4"x4" Adaptable Tenons - $224
  • Screws - $10
  • Everything Else - $40 (Sandpaper, Glue, OSMO finish etc.)

Lets get into the details about what you will need to build this table. 

The Sofa Table measures 81" long by 10 1/2" wide by 28.7/8" tall. We used sassafras wood because it was affordable and looks good.

There is a full build series on my YouTube channel (How You Can Make It) if you would like to follow along or watch the video bellow. 


Tools You Need For This Project

Power Tools

Hand Tools

Other Tools

Safety Tools


To make this project you can follow these basic steps or download our detailed plans. Tag us on social if you're building this project (@philipmillerfurniture on Instagram) with the hashtag #millerhardware. 

Step 1

Select the species of wood you want your table to be made out of. We selected Sassafras. When selecting your lumber be sure you select the proper thickness. Milled lumber is available in several thicknesses and is measured in quarters 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 etc. The table that we are making is 6/4 meaning it is 1 1/2in thick. 

Step 2

Plane and join your wood. This will ensure everything is square and the same thickness.

Step 3

Glue your top using wood glue and clamps.

Step 4

After you have sanded the top and bottom it is now time to create the shallow mortis using the Adjustable Mortise Jig. Set you jig to 4 as we will be createing a 4x4 mortise that is going to be 1/8" deep.

Step 5

Install your 1/8" template pattern bit and set it to the correct cutting dept.

Step 6

Now route out the mortise using your router. Take your time and enjoy the process.

Step 7

Next use the jig to index and install the tenon to the top of your table leg. 

Step 8

Install the leg to the top of the sofa table by placing the tenon inside the mortise. Screw down using the proper length screws. 

Step 10

Next attach the center and cross brace support to keep your legs square.

Step 10

Once your glue has dried it is now time to give your piece one last sand. I recommend using 220 grit sand paper.

Step 11

Now it is time to apply your finish. I recommend using OSMO finish because it will not darken the wood it keeps the natural tone and color. 


Step 10

Celebrate and tell your friends your a master furniture maker. Take a photo or video and share it with us. Tag us on social if you're building this project (@philipmillerfurniture on Instagram) with the hashtag #millerhardware. 



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